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The Banksy Job

Australian Premiere

The equally mysterious and notorious Banksy dominates the world of street art but, in The Banksy Job, the spotlight shines on another character – the larger-than-life AK47 – an ex-pornstar and acid rave promoter turned self-anointed ‘art terrorist’.

Declaring himself the villain to Banksy’s hero, AK47 sets out to swipe a well-known piece of Banksy’s public art, in broad daylight, in Central London, no less. The ensuing heist thriller is told to us by AK47 himself, and a highly entertaining and amusing art-world caper begins.

Blurring the lines between fiction and fact, Ian Roderick Gray and Dylan Harvey's debut feature is a rollicking ride – a frenetic and adrenaline-fuelled crime caper that catapults its audience from the London art scene to its underground – making for a viewing experience (almost) as wild, unbelievable and insane as its protagonist.

Riffing hard on the 2010 Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, this film has a distinct ‘is this a put-on’ air that is sure to leave you guessing.

Ian Roderick Gray and Dylan Harvey
A caper so cheeky... one is tempted to wonder if the prankloving victim actually staged the whole thing.
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Tribeca Film Festival 2016