Australian Premiere

First-time writer-director Heidi Greensmith introduces us to Woods Western (Tommy Flanagan, Sons of Anarchy, Braveheart), a once successful artist whose life is turned upside down when his beloved wife is killed in a random act of violence.

Before long, Woods spirals into a complete mental and emotional ruin. His daily life becomes a series of drinking binges and psychotic episodes in a bid to forget. He now frequents only the darkest of places. His behaviour takes a serious toll on his family with his youngest son, Max (Bill Millner, X-Man: First Class) taken into care, and his bright and popular son, Tom (Tom Payne, The Walking Dead), who has gained a place at Columbia University due to his exceptional grades and hard work, now expected to be his father’s sole carer.

Deeply moving and visually arresting, Winter is an exploration of the arbitrary nature of violence, the aftermath of loss and the power of family.

Heidi Greensmith
Tommy Flanagan, Judith Godrèche, Jessica Hynes, Stacy Martin
18+ (exemption)
Winter is a truly auspicious debut; brave and haunting, with riveting performances & a soundtrack to die for.
  • WINNER Best International Director, Best Leading Actor, Best Score, Best Drama Feature, NYCIFF 2015